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Bei GÖDEN handelt es sich um das Quasi-Nachfolgeprojekt der Death-Doomer Winter, ohne allerdings eine Fortführung zu sein. Für die Eigenständigkeit sorgt schon allein der Gesang – Leadsängerin Vas Kallas kennt man noch von den legendären Cycle Sluts Of Hell sowie Hanzel Und Gretyl. Wie das klingt, verrät ein erster Clip.



Gründen Stephen Flam erzählt zum zweiten Album, das vor wenigen Wochen auf Svart Records erschienen ist: „“Vale of the Fallen“ waswritten and recorded during the pandemic in pure isolation... life was complicated for us in New York. I decided to continue writing to keep my sanity during this very dark time and was not able to record with the other members live like the first album.”

Vas Kallas wird da schon konkreter: ”They are mostly conjured up by the science fiction world we all had to endure as humans on this one planet we share. I believe in individualism and freedom and self-wisdom. I also believe in finding yourself and escaping into yourself or into meditative worlds to understand it all or to just look to the skies from where we all came… or did we? I don’t expect everyone to understand any of this and I don’t ask anyone to, since it is purely art and up to the interpretation of the individual. Words and lyrics to me are like psychic colors on a paint brush. It’s either pretty or ugly, soothing or disturbing. Since the last 4 years there has been lot of darkness in the truth, a lot of hatred, humanity going absolutely mad, and a lot of people striving to find their tribe. I personally strive for hope and seek the higher realm of positivity always, but in the meantime, we find ourselves in the Vale of the Fallen….”