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ORANGE GOBLIN bringen sich mit ihrem neuen Album „Science Not Fiction“ in Position, das am 19. Juli über Peaceville Records veröffentlicht wird. Als akustische Vorhut schicken sie nun die 'Cemetary Rats' ins Rennen.



Sänger Ben Ward kommentiert: “You want Metal? You've got Metal! 'Cemetary Rats' is an anthem for all the metalheads and rockers, the kids that society deems the 'weirdos and freaks'! Fuck society! This is a song for everyone that likes to hang out in the graveyard, listening to metal and loving life as the underdog! This is doom, thrash and punk all rolled into one, like the mighty Black Sabbath colliding with classic era-Celtic Frost and Discharge! We are the heavy metal underground, we are the CEMETARY RATS!

People have funny ideas about what heavy metal is. But to me, it’s an attitude, it’s a lifestyle, it’s not something you decide to dip into. You either are or you’re not. And it’s for life.”


Foto: Giancarlo Erra