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Jesse kommentiert: “'A Manifested Nightmare' is about despair and the acceptance of a dark fate. It portrays undefeatable, sinister forces relentlessly pursuing you, leading to an inevitable surrender. Musically, this hauntingly dramatic track is characterised by its hypnotic, repetitive elements, featuring some of the finest piano work I've ever recorded. It’s an ideal soundtrack for sleepwalking through nightmares.

“From the Infinite Light” is a concept album exploring the birth of Darkness and Death. The narrative unfolds through two voices; ‘Darkness’, born from the Infinite or Limitless Light – a concept borrowed from Qabbalah to explain cosmic genesis – and a desperate man unravelling his destiny as he descends into madness. Eventually, the man merges with Darkness, together embodying Death.“

Die vorangegangene Single wiederum punktet mit Rob Coffinshaker an den Vocals.