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Bei dem nun veröffentlichten Lyricvideo handelt es sich um zwei Kapitel des als ein Longtrack angelegten Albums.

Multiinstrumentalist, komponist und Produzent Schwadorf kommentiert: "Here is the first excerpt from our new album 'Weird Tales' in the shape of two chapters. This album is a one-track opus of darkness and grandeur that we had wanted to realize for a very long time. 'Once I Was a Flower' and 'The Premature Burial' resemble centrepieces on 'Weird Tales'. Both deal with death, burial and the grave but at the same time they could hardly be more different. 'Once I Was a Flower', which is based on a most beautiful short story by Lafcadio Hearn, is a beautiful gothic piece of sadness and beauty. It tells the tale of a flower and its scent – its spirit – sharing the grave with a young woman that just died. 'The Premature Burial' evokes the horror of being buried alive, which is of course based on Edgar Allen Poe's collection of cases of individuals that suffered this gruesome fate. 'Once I Was a Flower' has a very special place in my heart. It was not only the first musical idea for 'Weird Tales' that shaped the concept but it is also simply the most gothic and wonderful poetic short story that I have ever read. It is beautiful beyond words and at the same it conveys our romantic world view of an animated, spirited nature."