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„Beneath The Threshold“ erscheint am 5. April bei Lupus Lounge.

Gitarrist und Sänger Mitchell Keepin kommentiert den neuen Song: "Initially, 'Faded Ghost' was written as a 'breather' for the record, but while we were working at the details during its creation, the song evolved into what we now consider to be the second part of 'Just for a Moment...' – an older song of ours. The material featured on 'Beneath the Threshold' was always meant to be more riff-based and driving, while we were also determined to keep our multi-layered guitar and keyboard parts. In order to retain the feel of an open, atmospheric song, we structured 'Faded Ghost' in more or less the same manner as 'Just for a Moment...'. Once again, we employed clean vocals and additional harmonies for the entire track. Lyrically, we are delving into an obscure and dark subject, with all personal elements seemingly removed. You are invited to speculate what it's about."