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Frontmann David Vincent erzählt zum neuen Album: "We wrote every bit of „Epic“ together at my ranch in Dime Box, Texas. The writing sessions were as organic as they could be. There were times when, at the end of the night, Rune would take his guitar and play something ridiculous. Flo would play something even more ridiculous on top of it. I'd say to the guys, 'I need to capture this.' So, the magic [of VLTIMAS] is being in the same room together, discussing, playing, and recording music and everything else we're doing together. We have unbelievable camaraderie. I want to be as emotional and honest [with VLTIMAS]. I want to tell stories; I want to have the themes that appeal to me; I want to have some messaging that someone can take away, in this case, strength. „Epic“ is strength."

David Vincent - Vocals
Rune Blasphemer Eriksen - Guitars
Flo Mounier - Drums
Ype TVS - Bass
João Duarte - Guitars