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Mit True North“ hatten BORKNAGAR 2019 ihr bisheriges Opus magnum veröffentlicht. Wenn man sich den neuen Song 'Summits' anhört, dann besteht äußerst berechtigte Hoffnung, dass sie mit „Fall“, das am 23. Februar über Century Media erscheint, mit ihrer eigenen Meisterleistung gleichziehen können.

"Fall" wird acht Tracks mit einer Spielzeit von 54 Minuten enthalten, die erneut von Jens Bogren (Fascination Street Studios (Opeth, Amon Amarth, Kreator)) abgemischt wurden und mit einem Coverartwork von Eliran Kantor (Testament, My Dying Bride, Sodom) versehen sind.

BORKNAGAR-Gründer und -Mastermind Øystein G. Brun sagt über “Fall”: "We are extremely proud to present you all with our 12th album entitled “Fall”, another chapter of our musical journey. In many ways “Fall” represents a continuation of “True North”, but as always, we are pushing further and afar to seek even broader and more challenging horizons. Musically we are loyal to our musical legacy, but we have most certainly walked through fire and ice to reach our highest peak yet. Although “Fall” represents a wide array of musical and lyrical ideas, the fundamental theme behind the album is based on the fascination and appreciation of the very outskirts of life. Those places, and those beings, in the vast periphery of our own existence that very few live to see or even learn to know about- but still are profoundly essential for our existence. With "Fall" we seek to portray and cherish all that holds up and pushes boundaries - against the great fall."