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DOODSESKADER bestehen aus Bassist/Vocalist Tim De Gieter (Amenra, Much Luv Studio) und Sigfried Burroughs (Kapitan Korsakov, PAARD.).

Tim De Gieter kommentiert den neuen Song: "'Who Will Pour The Blood On Me' can be seen as a spiritual successor to our previous single 'FLF'. When we filmed that video, we went back to where I grew up and lived some of the most impactful moments of my youth. The next day, ‘Who Will Pour The Blood’ came to me as if in a dream. It hit me immensely hard how much I’ve been trying to break away from the hand I initially was dealt in life and how this band has granted me a glimpse of the inner peace I’ve been longing for since those days. After three years of Doodseskader, it seems like connecting with people and digging inward is hopefully leading to me being able to face life and myself.
The video is a visual metaphor for the song’s thematics. After years of hiding myself and my suffering behind a wall of humor and a clown-like personality, I’ve adopted to conceal my true self from the outside world. Sigfried returns to the house where he grew up, and both of us are dreaming of the ideal of self-acceptance and a better version of ourselves. Both of us get sucked into of a ceremonious depiction of transcendence through blood, representing how we weaponize our music and our affiliation. In the end the question remains, like in real life, if we’re really making progress, or if we’re just stuck in a cycle of trying."


Foto: Diana Lungu