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„Bathed In A Black Sun“ enthält fünf bisher unveröffentlichte Songs aus den Aufnahmesessions zum Debüt „Viscera“, ist allerdings nur knapp 13 Minuten lang.

Bassist Chris Casket kommentiert: "We are pleased to finally do this, as ultimately 'Bathed In A Black Sun' as a track is lamentably all the more relevant today than it was when it was written", says bassist Chris Casket. "We also wanted to release this EP as a companion to the album „Viscera“, so finally all the tracks recorded during that studio session are available for all to 'enjoy' the extra cuts of raging spite and cold despair."

1. Bathed in A Black Sun (4:19)
2. The Grotesque (2:56)
3. Beautiful Stigmata (00:41)
4. A Spear of Perfect Grief (04:14)
5. The Construct of Misery (01:33)
Total runtime: 12:63