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Die Band über den Song:

"When the prehistoric man howls with the devil. Prisoner of the occult demonic forces,La Muerte delivers fear in its raw state like a mad emperor on the verge of suicide. The guitars sound the death knell of the end of the fight, the sound composition is slimy, heavy, dirty like a layer of crude oil. Is the devil locked in a bottle? We have the heavy task of opening you the doors of this imaginary labyrinth" 

Über das Video:

KISS MY FIST is the wild and iconoclastic vision of French director Aconit Cult aka Olivier Wozniczko, hidden grandson of Stan Brakhage and Peter Tscherkassky. With a DIY Punk feel, he works manually from hundreds of photocopied elements, which he edits frame by frame with subtlety and rage. In addition, he demolishes these images with an overlay of painted cellos, to make a graphic jewel that borders on abstraction. Aconit Cult has captured the energy, spirit and aestheticism of LA MUERTE to perfection and the visual result of this epileptic-apocalyptic masterpiece is surprising to say the least.


Über das Album: 

LaMuertecoverLA MUERTE – Sortilegia  
Release: November, 25th
Genres: Doom-metal, experimental
Format: LP, DR
FFO: Paradise Lost, Eyehategod, Ministry


1. Sortilegea
2. No Fear
3. Kiss My Fist
4. Snake In My Hand
5. Brother Satan
6. Pontiac Firebird
7. Monster
8. Blood On The Moon
9. Dust, You Will Return
10. Keep Your Secret
11. Longue Misère

Four years after their unanimously acclaimed self-titled album, cult Belgium metalheads, LA MUERTE, continue to push their boundaries with SORTILEGIA. The album is again produced by LA MUERTE and Déhà (Wolvennest, Mongolito...).

Following the words of Didier Moens aka Dee-J, the time passed allowed all the members to grow together, as a band: “Nothing is calculated with us…” – says Didier “Even if the music evolutes, or explores different paths, the spirit and the vision remain the same. We are still rough and edgy as ever. It is still impossible to categorize or explain exactly what we do. In this album, we still find the ingredients, but also the ethics, that make La Muerte so peculiar and radical”.

"Sortilegia"? A scorching soundtrack to the Apocalypse. La Muerte returns to battle with an even more intense, massive and cohesive burner than their 2018 self-titled album. Once, in response to a journalistic question, Dee-J and Marc du Marais called their work "morbid surrealism," which defined their intentions better than any other label. But if you really have to categorize, why not: "Borderline Rock": always pushing the blade a bit deeper, and keeping it sharp. In the band's cauldron, a decapitating mixture of psychedelic, metallic and noisy sounds still simmering. La Muerte has lost none of its raw and fierce radicalism. Choose the vinyl edition!

For its cover, by the French artist Fabrice Lavollay with a terrific front and a very... sharp back. And because each side has its strong coherence.

Side A:

The guttural and oppressive opener streaked with brief explosions of rage ("Sortilegia") is followed by a furious sequence, with a powerful pounding, punctuated by short hypnotic repetitive melodic patterns, shaken by brutal jerks of distorted throbs, looking increasingly frantic (phew!) - the triptych "No Fear," "Kiss My Fist" (with Ross, from Length of Time), and "Snake in My Hand".

Then comes the disturbing "Brother Satan", a false lull quickly streaked with lightning. The first act concludes with the strange "Pontiac Firebird", with a text chanted on a background of threatening sounds on which a gloomy 5-note melody is played.

Break. We turn the record over, just long enough to think of other rock madmen who made no concessions, Blue Cheer, Hawkwind, Amon Düül, Celtic Frost, Killing Joke... They too, in their time, knew how to keep balance on the tightrope of their artistic choices, with their integrity intact. Some deserted, some fell in line.

B side:

A tormented entrance with "Monster", wildly melodic (yes, yes!) - we recognize the voice of Dominique Van Cappelen (Von Stroheim, Fleur de feu...) in the second verse. Then comes an aggressive nervous duo - "Blood on the Moon" where accelerations and sudden slowing down are combined and "Dust, You Will Return" which is even more ruthless.

And we move slowly towards other haunted lands with the slow and heavy "Keep Your Secret" all in restrained suffering, which leads us (prepares us?) to "Longue Misère", an exceptional final piece, haunting and gloomy, where the guttural voice professes:

"I am the one who walks, viper in hand, in the ruins of my own universe..." But by what spell has La Muerte lost nothing of its raw and fierce radicality?

Jacques 'Pompon' de Pierpont- Radio Legend

“Sortilegia” a brand new album released for the first time on Consouling Sounds in EU/UK. The LP will also be released simultaneously in the US by COP INTERNATIONAL.

LA MUERTE will be back in Brussels to present their brand new album Sortilegia, on January 25th 2023. It will be their first live appearance in the Belgian capital since their last gig at the Ancienne Belgique, exactly 4 years ago (12/01/2019). 
On this occasion, La Muerte will be performing for the first time in the main hall of the notorious Botanique. Order the tickets here.


Founded in Brussels in 1984, La Muerte’s mythical reign over the Belgian Underground came to a grinding haltus in 1994. Yet across those years and in the archives/subversive litanies of revered cult heroes, comparisons wherever La Muerte were concerned would fluctuate riotously. Almost as wildly in fact as the music they produced; from i-D to Sounds, Melody Maker to NME, La Muerte became best-known for peddling alternative metal and discordant noise, like an inebriated midnight melee between Motörhead, Velvet Underground, The Birthday Party and Butthole Surfers. Their cult status was born.

In March 2015, La Muerte, the most controversial band Belgium ever had, made a surprising and hugely successful return with a sold out show the Brussels Ancienne Belgique. “The missing link between Salvador Dali and The Stooges” re-emerged with founding members Marc du Marais and Dee-J, and were joined onstage by a razor-sharp intake of new blood in Michel Kirby (Arkangel, Wolvennest, Length of Time), Christian Z. (Length of Time) and Tino de Martino (Channel Zero).




La Muerte 2021 pic byLightbox Revelation