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Laut dem Label soll die Scheibe erneut eine Mischung aus Metal und mongolisch/zentralasiatisch inspirierten Sounds enthalten - dieser eigene und eigenwillige Stil hat der Band schon zahlreiche Fans sowie einen Global Music Award eingebracht. Textlich beschäftigt sich die Scheibe mit Themen wie Rassendikriminierung, Identität, Equal Rights und Freiheit.

Eine erste Hörprobe gibt es natürlich auch bereits, und zwar mit dem Titeltrack:

Mastermind und Frontmann Nature G. gibt zu Protokoll: “This album reaches a more personal place for us. We  discuss personal struggle surrounding identity conflicts, racial discrimination and individual freedoms. I think an important part of existing in modern society is learning to accept one another for who we are and embrace our differences, and to look beyond that to find a deeper connection between each race or ethnic group. Coming from a different place and walking the line between the Mongolian music world and American music world is sometimes challenging for me. I see all kinds of stereotyping and people throwing hatred, prejudice and judgment at one other because of arrogance, insecurity or simply a lack of understanding. This creates a huge identity conflict for individuals. These concepts make up a lot of what this album is about. Being yourself, pushing past judgment from others, being strong and fighting for your individual freedoms. Musically, I intentionally tried to incorporate more clean vocal choruses, semitones and western minor scales, rather than stick just within our traditional Mongolian folk style. We also incorporated piano to add a more emotional element to the songs.” 
"Die On My Ride" wurde von der Band selbst in Nature Gs Studio Raiding Media produziert.