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Due Band über den Track:

Markus: "For the first time in our history we re-visited an important part of our past again. Flamedoves was actually the first song we have ever written for Autumnblaze. It can be found on our debut album. When I wrote the new version, I had to find a different approach to the song. In the end it became not just a cover but a completely new song. And all I can say it's one of my fave tunes on the new album. It represents the steps we have taken from the beginning til now and it's a milestone for the bond between Arisjel and me."

Arisjel: "The motif of "Flamedoves" is as old as Autumnblaze. Flaming thoughts of searching spirits, angry and powerful in the past, gentle and fragile today, like on "welkin shores burning". A wonderful song, touching souls, dwelling in hearts for decades, until today."


Autumnblaze Welkin Shores Burning painted coverSeven long years since their last album, melancholic rock and dark metal act, AUTUMNBLAZE, who has just recently signed a worldwide record deal with Argonauta Records, finally returns to the scene with a brand new album! Titled "Welkin Shores Burning", the band’s seventh full-length will be coming out as Vinyl, CD and in Digital formats on November 27th 2020. 

The duo, who was formed in 1997, combines the elements of post-rock, black metal, trip hop and singer-songwriter to a unique and experimental metal style. With an impressive back catalogue of six highly acclaimed records to date, they became the masters of transformation: From the black/death/folk- infused debut "DämmerElbenTragödie" over depressive metal in "Bleak", experimental trip rock of the "Mute Boy Sad Girl", melancholic alternative post-rock you will find in "Words are not what they seem", the crushing dark metal piece "Perdition Diaries", to their latest magnum opus filled with a dramatic melancholy that is "Every sun is fragile", AUTUMNBLAZE dress every heavy sound into a poetic darkness. 

"Each Autumnblaze album is a scored chapter of our lives." Arisjel comments. "Welkin Shores Burning sounds like an ethereal journey through the stormy ocean of our souls, churning up long forgotten memories and fettered yearnings. 

Musically we are exploring new ground, leaving the beaten tracks of the past. There’s an outrageous coherence you won’t find on any other Autumnblaze record and an insatiable desire for living our musical vision. We think it’s also the most melodic album we have ever written.“ 

"Welkin Shores Burning" was recorded and produced with forging passion by Markus and Arisjel in Moonspark Studio from Spring until Autumn 2019, and was mixed and mastered in January/February 2020 by Matti (the night) Reinola. The stunning, sophisticated cover artwork was painted by Friederike Myschik. 

Album Release: November 27th 2020, Argonauta Records ( LP, CD + Digital ) 

1. Welkin
2. Planets
3. Explosions
4. One breath
5. The burning sea
6. Leaders
7. Autumn wings, behold
8. Flamedoves
9. Shore 

CD Bonus Tracks:
10. All within
11. My swan 

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Markus Baltes - vocals, guitars, bass Arisjel - drums & percussion