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bi2Heute haben wir den Track "Metropolis" vom kommenden Bloody Invasion-Album  "Zombie Society" für euch exklusiv am Start!

Über Band und Album:

The band "BLOODY INVASION" was founded in June 2012 by Marek (Guitar) (aka Atzek) and Christian (Guitar) in the rehearsal room in Neuruppin. We quickly found vocals on the vocals, so from now on he should be the voice of the band. During the short time some musicians came and went, what remained was the music. A mix of old school death metal and a pinch of technique. We have an old well-known Anja hired on the drums. To complete the current line-up we have committed Martin on (bass). After some concerts in Brandenburg and Germany, we have released our first EP With super resonances so far. At the moment we are recording our first debut album Bret-Hart Records would appear in mid-2018. The new cover artwork was designed by Marc von Lifeless as well as the new T-shirt design. We recorded it ourselves with our guitarist Christian, mixing and mastering with Ronny Hell-Sounds Studio and Flo by Stydegor. Have fun listening,




Bloody Invasion 19.01

Bloody Invasion 25.01

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