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Über das Album:

Format: LP, CD, Digital
Label: Klonosphére
Distribution: Season Of Mist/ Soulfood Music
Genre: Alternative/ Progressive Rock
Release Date: 23/11/2018

Shuffle is, above all, an extraordinary artistic adventure, putting its exploration of genres at the service of compositions that capture the moment and inspiration to transform them into a visceral

experience. The group owes this exploration to its multiple roots, whether they come from rock, electro or hip-hop. Since their debut Upon The Hill (2015), an album of incredible powers of seduction and sound, Shuffle have injected their aerial ambiences into a flood of dreadful riffs, going straight to the point to travel to the heart of bright celestial layers.

About 200 live shows in France and abroad, Shuffle are a vigour that unfolds as you listen and experience, an unquenchable inspiration. Shuffle are a band that exults as soon as fate lifts them off to new musical horizons. Amon others, they shared stage with Tricky and ShakaPonk. Shuffle is a band that dwells between melancholy and anger, between nostalgia and catharsis. While waiting for a second album, #WontTheyFade?, scheduled for the fall of 2018, Shuffle remain an infallible musical vessel, crossing the heat of solar stars and melodic meteor storms carrying their share of galaxies and black holes where the field of possibilities opens up.

#WontTheyFade? Is an extraterrestrial quest from which the listener cannot escape, hovering in the astral creations of a sublime interstellar evocation.

Waap Shuffle 1