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Statement from Ese (Vocal & Guitar): 
"We are thrilled to release «Blodets varme gjennom meg» - the second single from Introvert! In this soaring heavy rock number you can find nods to old Rush and even Åge Aleksandersen himself!" 



KAR158LP Slegest Introvert 3500x3500Über das Album und die Band:

"Introvert" sees SLEGEST well and truly solidifying that bone crunching mix of black metal and classic heavy rock that is their trademark sound. Filled with tasty riffs, hooks that pull you in, and a vicious catchiness, the 80's feel makes itself subtly felt on the new album. The title, on the other hand, reflects the material's origin, as Slegest’s frontman and main composer Ese explains:

“Introvert -ˇ a person who is predominantely interested in their own inner experiences. The album is born out of a mindset and lifestyle characterized by introversion. Slegest's music has always been feeding on inner moods, feelings, nostalgia and heavy rock. Nevertheless, this inspiration from within has led to our most outgoing and in your face material ever! We are surpassing ourselves on this one, let it spin in the face of life itself!”


• Addictive blend of black metal and classic heavy rock.
• European tour with Taake, Bölzer and One Tail One Head in October
• European tour with Vreid and Kalmah in December
• Norwegian tour with Einherjer in November
• Third album from Slegest
• For fans of Kvelertak, Vreid, Black Sabbath, Witchcraft.
• Album art by the Norwegian occult artist Anders R.kkum.

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1. Blodets Varme Gjennom Meg
2. Undergangens Tankesmed
3. Maler Lys I Moerketid
4. Det Brenne I Glaasi
5. I Den Sanne Flamme
6. Doedskyss
7. Leitar
8. Den Onde Sirkel