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Die Band über das Experiment:

"We’ve been totally up for the idea of hearing a remix to one of our songs. Zardonic came up with this brutal mix of all songs from the album and we all loved it after listen to it the first time. You still feel and hear the heart of Corroded beating in this remix but Zardonic put it with his ideas onto another level. Great job.“ 
ZARDONIC über das Werk: "Putting this remix together was quite the challenge because unfortunately I couldn't count with the separate instruments as I usually do, but I decided to do what I did back in my early years and treat it like a bootleg, but with a bit more of what I've learned recently. I let my head run free creatively and literally wrote all the ideas as they were coming to me. You get sick of the same sounding dance music structure after you've done it forever, you know? So this is something truly special I put my heart and soul into, even did my own vocals which is something I don't normally do in remixes, but Corroded is just too fucking badass and inspiring and put my head in the right place to put together this monstrosity. You can call it a remix if you will. I call it an extreme dance music tribute to good fucking metal. Respect!"

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