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BARBARIAN SWORDS "Worms" auf CD-Digi, Cassette und 2LP 

Release Date: November 11 2016 (Digipak/cassette) / January 6 2017 (2LP)
Genre: Nihilistic Blackened Doom/Sludge/Death Metal
Locale: Barcelona, Spain

Please welcome Barbarian Swords, a very dark, individualistic and disturbing band from Barcelona, Spain. They have a very unique sound: mixing the various subgenres of Black and Doom Metal in addition to a smattering of Punk and Noise. Barbarian Swords was formed in 2011, and quickly released their first demo, ‘Crusaders of the Apocalypse’ in 2012, which has been sold out for a while now. In 2014 they released their debut full-length, ‘Hunting Rats’, which while promoted by Blood Fire Death, received excellent reviews in top journals such as Rock Hard (Germany), Legacy, Metalegion (Portugal) and RockZone (Spain), as well as in a wide variety of specialized websites and fanzines all over the world. Backed by a noisy and sometimes even violent live act, they soon earned the reputation of being one of the most rotten and sickest bands in the Spanish metal scene. This reputation allowed them to be drafted for the Primavera Club Festival, the club-based autumn festival organized by the renowned Primavera Sound, where they shared the stage with Monarch! and Bell Witch.

They have recently finished recording their second album, in which they squirm deeper than ever into a mud of absolute evil and heretic derangement with 71 minutes of pure devilish trance. Their lyrical themes revolve around total war, mass raping, and cruel and vile prosecution of any sign of religion or creed, with the nihilist conviction that the world should go down in flames.

For the recording, mixing and mastering, they have been lucky to count upon an indisputable master such as Javi Félez and his Moontower Studios (Teitanblood, Graveyard, Körgull the Exterminator, Nominon, Ered, Lux Divina, Avulsed, Balmog, Primigenium…), whom already did a flawless job with their debut album. The cover and layout have been designed by César Valladares (Krisiun, Asphyx, Grave Miasma, Under the Church, Balmog, Graveyard…), whose work completely captures the blind hatred that emanates from their sound.

The band have just secured appearances at the Inner Metal Fest and Catalonia Extreme Winter Festival next January.

Their upcoming full-length ‘Worms' leaves no doubt that there is not a single trace of positive feelings or thoughts in Barbarian Swords.

CALLIGRAM "Demimonde" 12" EP

Label: Cimmerian Shade Recordings
Genre: Blackened Hardcore
Release Date: December 2 2016
Formats: Digital/12” EP
Locale: London UK

Forget the lone bull in the china shop: multinational London thrashers Calligram are the whole stampede trampling on your dinner set. Their latest EP Demimonde, due from Cimmerian Shade Recordings, is a black metal missive set to charge your adrenaline and burn into your synapses. 

With support from Total Rock Radio, The Sons of Metal Podcast, and The Death of a Modernist, in addition to a strong regional radio following that includes Forest FM, Salford City Radio, Switch Radio, BCFM, and Express FM among a slew of others, Calligram’s roaring fanbase is only getting louder. From the howling hardcore of EP opener ‘Red Rope’, through the frenzied metal fits of ‘Bed of Nails’, ‘Drowned’ and ‘Black Velvet’, and on into furious closer ‘Bataclan’, Calligram take no prisoners as they hack a trail through the punk landscape. The band’s roll-call reads like the seating plan at a UN function, with Italian front man Matteo Rizzardo joined by Brazilians Bruno Polotto and Ardo Cotones on guitar and drums, alongside French guitarist Tim Desbos.

English bass player Smittens completed the lineup in January 2016, before Demimonde was recorded under the watchful eye of Wayne Adams at Bear Bites Horse Studios in Haggerston, East London.  The EP was then mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music in New York State, harnessing the raw energy of a group that counts former members of Holy Roar Records signing The Chronicle of Adam West and Banquet Records’ The Don Ramos Players among its number.

As Calligram’s momentum builds to earth-shattering proportions, we recommend you check them out before they tear through your speakers and clatter off into the night.

EVER CIRCLING WOLVES "Of Woe or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Gloom" CD & Cassette

Release Date: January 27 2017
Genre: Doom Metal
Formats: CD/Cassette/Digital

Named after an Earth song that in turn was named after the first sentence in William Gibson’s Pattern Recognition, Ever Circling Wolves from Helsinki, Finland wear some of their influences on their sleeve; others, not so much. At the core of Ever Circling Wolves’ music is doom metal, a multi-faceted beast of a subgenre by now, and this four-piece attempts to draw from this well in a distinct manner and occasionally sprawl into whole other territories.

Born as Henri Harell’s solo project in 2007, Ever Circling Wolves became a real band in 2008 when Arttu Kantola, Otto Forsberg and Niko Karjalainen entered the fold. This line-up recorded the band’s debut full-length album, The Silence from Your Room, which was self-released in 2009.

In 2010, Arttu left the band and was replaced on bass by Sami Nevala. To celebrate this, a two-track ep, Chapter III, was recorded and unleashed upon the internet in early 2011. At this time, the band was also preparing songs for their sophomore full-length, with recordings starting in 2012. A mountain of a project, due mostly to the conflicting schedules of all involved, it wasn’t until early 2016 that the album, Of Woe or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Gloom, was finished. By this time, Niko had moved away from the capital region, and though still a member of the band and playing with them whenever time allows, had been filled in for by Eero Järvenpää in practice sessions and shows alike.

Gurthang "Shattered Echoes" CD DIgi

Release Date: January 20 2017
Genre: Blackened Death
Locale: Lublin, Poland
Formats: CD Digipak/Digital

Gurthang is a blackened doom metal band from Poland created in 2010 by A.Z.V., its lyricist and main composer. The group immerses itself in the black depths of doom, using this unique atmosphere. A bewitching alliance of sharp guitars, the atmospheric keyboard and released, depressive vocals. Highly atmospheric and desolate dark journey to the inner world of your own, desecrated and shattered soul...

Gurthang was founded by A.Z.V. on the 8th of January 2010 as one-man death/doom project. Its style later evolved into blackened doom metal with some death metal touches. In 2011 bassist Stormalv and keyboardist Sam joined the band. With this lineup the band released their first EP and debut album 'Desolated in Darkness'. At that time, Gurthang’s music turned into darker, more desolate regions of doom. The year 2012 brought another lineup change: keyboardist Demon ov Darkness joined the band to release their second long-play entitled 'Infinite Void' and another EP 'Forgotten Deity'. The third album, released in 2013 marked leaving funeral style and going deeper into blacker spaces. However not for long, because the band’s fourth release entitled 'I Will Not Serve' brought music more powerful, full of anger, yet still in the blackened doom vein. A B-side from the album has been released on 7” vinyl split with Moloch in 2016. Gurthang returns in early 2017 with their newest album entitled 'Shattered Echoes' to be released by Cimmerian Shade Recordings.

'Shattered Echoes' is a big step forward from Gurthang’s previous material, yet still has the feeling of previous releases making it a natural progression in the band’s evolution. Haunting keyboard passages, powerful guitars and drums with Luciferian vocals create a unique atmosphere of Hell and devastation; ‘Shattered Echoes’ moves into a more melodic blackened death vein. The album introduces both Polish and English lyrics, more usage of lead guitars and for the first time: clean vocals. It also has the most powerful and polished production in the band’s history.

The scheduled release date for the 6-panel digipak with booklet and slip cover is January 20 2017.

Plasmodium "Entheognosis"

Release Date: December 29 2016
Genre: Undulating Psychedelic Darkness
Locale: Australia

CSR is proud to announce a collaboration with Satanath Records to release Plasmodium's full-length debut: 'Entheognosis'.

I think a description of the band, their philosophy and their music is best left to the members themselves: 
"Plasmodium exists to haunt the thresholds of outer knowledge. By means of our continuing experiments into auditory hallucinations, we have formed a vortex as a Tetrahemihexahedron. From its ghastly blazing eye the sounds of matter and time weep through the untempered schizm. It is by our will and sinew that the corruptive metageometric viral code is granted earthly form. Amidst the howls of silurian reproductive fever there is but one true sound, the audible doctrines of our photoabysmic sacerdotalism. Know that to accept our existence is to open egress to the oubliette, there can be no return or no explanation."

Although apparently based Melbourne, Australia, a quick listen to their music and you might think they dwell on another plane of existence as their brutal Psychedelic Black/Death renders all your senses incapacitated. "Undulating Psychedelic Darkness" indeed.

 Queen Elephantine "Garland Of Skulls" LP & CD

 Release Date: November 18 2016
Genre: Psychedelic/Doom Metal 
Locale: Providence, Rhode Island (USA) 

CSR is pleased to announce the coming of Queen Elephantine's 'Garland Of Skulls' in heavyweight (180 gram) Black Vinyl on November 18. It will be limited to 250 hand-numbered copies. Originally released in CD format in 2011, it was their third full-length and presents a long song in three parts: Garland of Skulls—kapālamālā. The CD has long since been out of print. The group formed in 2006 in Hong Kong. In the last third of 2007 they moved base to New York. Presently they are between New York and Providence.They have shared the stage with such musical luminaries as Earthride, Solace, Cough, Elder, Black Pyramid, Pale Divine, Vorvadoss, Naam and many others, spreading their unique blend of Psychedelia/Doom/Experimentation/Noise/Sludge wherever they go.

Queen Elephantine "KALA" LP, CD

Released October 21 2016 
Genre: Psychedelic Rock/Doom Metal; Ambient Doom Metal 
Locale: Providence, Rhode Island (USA) 

Queen Elephantine's 'KALA' was released October 21 through an eclectic and worldly partnership of labels: Argonauta Records (Italy) - CD Cimmerian Shade Records (US) - LP Tartarus Records (Netherlands) - Cassette Atypeek Music (France) – Digital The Vinyl format was released as a limited edition of 500 hand-numbered gatefold units. The vinyl itself is 180 grams and comes in two colours: black (300) and red (200). Queen Elephantine, the exotic-flavoured doom/ambient band once operating out of Hong Kong (who have since moved to Providence Rhode Island), are back with a brand new full-length called Kala. They've always kept innovating and the new album is even more entrancing, atmospheric and mind-bending. They've honed their skills to offer music that's near unparalleled - the delicate cacophony of the numerous instruments (spaced out, never overcrowding), the suspenseful atmosphere, the ever-lingering sense of intrigue, it's all there, and better than ever before. Kala taps into your subconscious, creates swirling colourful patterns, a hypnotic effect that doesn't wear off easily like a rare non-harmful drug. Succumb to the creeping, psychedelic madness that is Queen Elephantine.

Suffer Yourself "Ectoplasm" 2LP, CD-Digi, Cassette

Release Date: November 25 2016 (Digital/Cassette/Digipak) Early 2017: Limited Edition 2LP (200 Black/100 Smokey) December 23 2016 (Jewel Case)(Satanath Records) 
Genre: Funeral Doom 
Based in Linköping, Sweden. 

Suffer Yourself plays a unique blend of funeral/death/doom metal, with a touch of dark ambient. Beyond subgenres, the music is dark and atmospheric, drawing influences from all around the metal spectrum, which can be heard throughout its discography. 

During its history, Suffer Yourself has existed in several locations. It was founded in Poland in 2011, then moved to Ukraine, where it developed a fan base and played number of concerts, finally ending up in Linköping, Sweden, where it received fresh blood in the form of new local members Lars Abrahamsson (guitar) and Malcolm Sohlen (bass). 

The first album, “Inner Sanctum”, was released in 2014 by Cimmerian Shade recordings (USA), a follow-up to a demo published in 2012 and later released on limited edition cassette tape by Contaminated Tones (USA). 

The new album, "Ectoplasm", is a continuation of the path started on “Inner Sanctum”, but with a slightly different feel, this time with a more aggressive, but also darker sound. The songs are filled with occult themes, dark matters and ambient parts, touching on themes of non-existence, spiritual experiences, the infinity of space and unrecoverable loss. 

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