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KORPIKLAANI: Crowdfunding für Russland-Tourfilm

Im letzten Winter waren KORPIKLAANI gut zwei Wochen auf Tour in Russland - nun haben sie bzw. der verantwortliche Regisseur eine Crowdfunding-Kampagne gestartet, um einen Film über diese außergewöhnliche Tourerfahrung zu realisieren.

Kimmo Kuusniemi dürfe einigen bereits durch seine "Promised Land Of Heavy Metal"-TV-Doku ein Begriff sein, nun arbeitet er an der Tourdoku "Korpiklaani - Made In Russia", die die Band 18 Tage lang durch 15 Städte und über 19.000 Kilometer in Zügen, Flugzeugen und Autos begleitet. Einen gut fünfminütigen Trailer könnt Ihr Euch hier anschauen:

Der Film wird - je nach Finanzaufkommen - mindestens eine Stunde lang werden, je mehr Leute crowdfunden, desto mehr Zusatzmaterial wird produziert. Beteiligen könnt Ihr Euch hier: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/korpiklaani-made-in-russia-documentary#/

Kuusniemi erzählt, warum dieses Projekt für ihn so besonders ist: "Made In Russia is an epic rock documentary about folk metal superstars Korpiklaani and their 2016 Russian tour. The tour started in St. Petersburg and took us through Siberia to Vladivostok on the coast of Sea of Japan and Back to Moscow. We played in 15 cities, traveled  19,000 km in planes, night trains and automobiles and all in just 18 days! Exotic Russia with big cities in Siberia, the tribes people of Khabarovsk, -30C temperatures, Baikal, the deepest lake in the world, plus the unique fans gave us an adventure of a lifetime.
I have been making films for a long time around the world but this Russian tour was the most stunning and world view altering experience I've had so far. Some days you really felt as you had been taken back in time. Not many bands have toured this extensively throughout Russia and the fans really showed their appreciation, enthusiasm, openness and unrivalled energy at every gig. This lifted the already great live performances of Korpiklaani to new levels.
For a seasoned documentary film maker this trip had totally new challenges, as we were constantly on the move. Using state of the art technology enabled me to film even while carrying my bags to catch the most interesting moments as they unfolded. The experience of a band on the road in an exotic country with the highs and lows, from fatigue to exhilarating moments are all captured on video. I also filmed all 15 live gigs. The audio was recorded on multitrack for a proper music experience. All in all I have over 80 hours of footage from gigs, backstages, hotels, planes, trains, automobiles, Siberian cities, Russian people/fans, places we visited and interviews with the band.
The film was shot in Russia between 26th November and 12th December, and is now in post production. Depending on the success of the crowdfunding, the duration of the film will be a minimum of 1 hour. The more money we raise, the more live songs and extras will be added for the crowdfunders. 
At the moment there are no plans to release the Live In Russia documentary and music videos to general public. So, ONLY the crowdfunders will be receiving the film, live music videos and other exclusive extras.”