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DODHEIMSGARD: Neues Album im Lauf

Die Avantgarde-Black-Metaller DODHEIMSGARD haben ein neues Album angekündigt: „Black Medium Current“ wird am 14. April via Peaceville Records veröffentlicht und ist das sechste Studioalbum der 1994 gegründeten Band.

Aufgenommen wurde die Scheibe Ende 2021/Anfang 2022 von Vicotnik selbst, mit der Unterstützung und Mix von Matias Aaveren in den Top-Room Studios. Das Mastering erfolgte durch Charis in den Feedback Studios.

Main Man Vicotnik lässt sich zum Konzept des Albums aus: There is a certain amount of facticity to moods, in turn moods are conditions of thinking and ultimately solicit a variety of responses. The contradictory notions of angst and if angst is tied to free will or rather solely a deterministic human feature. If an agent is invested in being a particular thing and when the state of being is compromised, one would normally find oneself in a state of existentialist despair and confusion. Are we in perpetual despair because our identity depends on qualifiers that can crumble at any moment?  Yet trying to solely avoid these states of confusion and discomfort through structuring all notions of an all-encompassing rationality in order to interact with the objective world, is perhaps in part to relinquish personal freedom and the potential of growth? With this album I am trying to create moods in which this angst and confusion is prevalent, and through my experiential notions pose questions, (primarily to myself), that perhaps extends to facilitating the development of inner resources, overcoming self-deception and promoting freedom through art and creative exercise.”

Black Medium Current” Tracklist:

01 – Et Smelter [10:19]

02 – Tankespinnerens Smerte

03 – Interstellar Nexus [08:01]

04 – It Does Not Follow [08:24]

05 – Voyager [01:46]

06 – Halow [09:37]

07 – Det Tomme Kalde Morke [07:35]

08 – Abyss Perihelion Transit [10:59]

09 – Requiem Aeternum [05:13]



Foto: Ole Martin Halvorsen & Pudder Agency