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CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX präsentieren 'Everything Is Beautiful But Us'

Unsere derzeitigen Soundcheck-Sieger und Avantgarde-Legenden CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX haben mit dem Song 'Everything Is Beautiful But Us' eine zweite Single von ihrem kommenden Album "Banefyre" ausgekoppelt.

Musiker Justin kommentiert:

"Although this is not a 'lock down' song, Belinda's lyrics were certainly inspired by the lack of human activity we found when the first lock down began. We were going for walks where I live in the countryside and the silence was amazing, the air seemed more fresh and there was a definite increase of wildlife activity. So it made us both realise more than ever how ugly we are as a race, humans basically ruin everything.
Musically this is one of my personal faves on the new album, 'BANEFYRE, The Musical!' It plays an integral part in the sound journey, it’s simple but powerful. Very CBP."

Sängerin Belinda ergänzt:

"Justin sent me the demo with the title, I thought the song was beautiful, so I couldn’t just plonk down (write) just anything. It had to be right.
The inspiration for the song hit me during the first wave of Covid. When I was over visiting Justin in the UK, and I couldn’t get back home for quite some time due to travel restrictions. So, we were spending a lot of time outside in the countryside and I was amazed at the quick turn nature took for the better, as soon as humans were removed out of the equation. The increased symphony of birdsong, bumble bees the size of my fist turning up in the garden, animals coming out of hiding and popping up here, there and everywhere. Nature and its inhabitants were thriving to the very fullest. As they should. It was beautiful, but also sad at the same time. knowing that when we get back to 'normal, 'the destruction continues."

Das Album "Banefyre" wird am 9. September 2022 in den Läden stehen. Wer mehr über die Scheibe wissen will, der blättere in die Legacy #139 und lese das ausführliche Interview. Die Scheibe kann direkt hier vorbestellt werden.


1. Intro/Incantation For The Different (2:49)
2. Wyches And Basterdz (4:57)
3. Ghostland (5:43)
4. The Reckoning (6:49)
5. Bonefire (4:36)
6. Rose Of Jericho (13:47)
7. Blackout77 (7:37)
8. Down The Rabbit Hole (10:32)
9. Everything Is Beautiful But Us (4:36)
10. The Pilgrim (6:19)
11. I'm OK, Just Not Alright (10:05)
12. The Scene Is A False Prophet (15:13)
13. No Regrets (4:30)