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MESSA: Doom-Heavy-Rocker mit neuem Song + Albumankündigung

Die italienischen Doom-Heavy-Rocker stellen mit 'Dark Horse' einen wahrhaft in seinen Bann ziehenden neuen Song vor. Dabei handelt er sich um eine Auskopplung von dem am 11. März bei Svart Records erscheinenden Album "Close".

Die Band kommentiert den neuen Track: "Every song on “Close” has its precise time frame as the whole creative process lasted for almost one year and a half. 'Dark Horse' was the last song we created and it was completed literally just one week before entering the studio. It’s the most instinctual and visceral song of the album. Its sound is reminiscent of 80’s dark/post punk vibes like no other song on the record. ‘Dark Horse’ is an English term often used to describe somebody who keeps their secrets well hidden: very little is known about them but they unexpectedly succeed in something. In ancient cultures, a black horse was the representation of intuitive nature, and symbolized human creatures in the dream realm. This song describes a precise moment of anxiety which is now trapped in the sands of time forevermore."