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DARK FUNERAL: 1. Videoclip zum neuen Album

Die schwedische Black-Metal-Brigade veröffentlicht heute die erste Single inklusive dazugehörigem Videoclip zu ihrem neuen Album „We Are The Apocalypse“, das am 18. März bei Century Media erscheinen wird.

Lord Ahriman kommentiert die Auskoppelung: „It is with great pleasure that we can hereby offer you a first taste of our upcoming album ‘We Are The Apocalypse’ with the track ‘Let The Devil In’. It may be a slightly different song from us, but it still holds the true darkness and spirit that is Dark Funeral. It was obvious to all of us that this would be the song that we set the bar with and premiere first. The song also comes with a video, which we recorded in Wroclaw, Poland together with Grupa13. It really was a great pleasure to work with such a professional team. The result is outstanding and fits this completely dark story that is ‘Let The Devil In’ very well. To me, ‘Let The Devil In’ comes in as a proof of the great deeds you can achieve when you turn to your innermost darkness and in harmony become one with your inner devil. ENJOY the darkness!“




Foto: Bartosz Szydlowski