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UNANIMATED: Erster Song von neuem Album

Am 3. Dezember erscheint via Century Media das neue Album der Schweden-Deather, das auf den bescheidenen Namen "Victory In Blood" hören wird. Es handelt sich dabei, um die erste Full-Length der Band seit 2009!

Frontmann Richard Cabeza kommentiert: “The wait is over, once again the funeral trumpets sing the pestilence of lucifer! We are very excited to release our 4th full length album and open the gates to a new chapter and march further into the abyss. We really went deep within ourself to release the pure essence of the band. The unity of band is stronger than ever and I think this shows on this album. I feel this is the strongest, most honest, genuine and direct album we done. It's written in blood, carved in stone, our victory in blood!”