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RELEASE THE BLACKNESS: Neuer Clip der Prog-Deather

Mit einem neuen Videoclip rühren die Prog-Death-Metaller noch einmal ordentlich die Werbetrommel für ihr soeben bei Cult Of Parthenope erschienenes neues Album "Tragedy".

Die Band selbst kommentiert den neuen Clip folgendermaßen: "Where Voids Gather deals with how modern society has made people numb and consumed by apathy, allowing younger generations to grow up with a sense of helplessness towards the future. The song is a request from nature itself for mankind to stop caring about futile things and start working together to avoid this foreseeable collapse. With this video we wanted to represent metaphorically how it feels like to care about the destruction of our planet in today's society, as this problem never seems to be worthy of attention."




Foto: Marco Alfieri

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