ASPHYX: Neuer Videoclip

Am 22. Januar werden die niederländischen Death-Doomer ASPHYX ihr zehntes Album „Necroceros“ via Century Media veröffentlichen – die erste Single als Videoclip gibt es jetzt schon.

Frontmann Martin van Drunen kommentiert den neuen Song folgendermaßen: „We actually wanted to film this on Sunset Boulevard LA, where most of the pathetic subjects of this song have their residence, but due to the pandemic it was best not to fly over to the USA. So since it's a fast shredding and written in the typical humorous death metal gore tradition track, we put a few laughable elements in it. Fortunately good old Turock in Essen was so friendly to let us film there and where we're usually not that keen on shooting videos, with this one we had quite some fun. Still, it is a helluva brutal tune!“

Live 2020/2021:

05.12.2020 Speyer (Germany) - Halle 101 Musikkulturzentrum

05.02.2021 Göttingen (Germany) - Junges Theater

06.02.2021 Rostock (Germany) - Mau Club

06.03.2021 Zaragoza (Spain) - C. C. Valdefierro

03.04.2021 Oslo (Norway) - Inferno Metal Festival

07.05.2021 Plozévet (France) - Courts of Chaos Festival

22.05.2021 Vienna (Austria) - Vienna Metal Meeting

12.06.2021 Hauptmannsgrün (Germany) - Chronical Moshers Open Air

29.07.2021 Tolmin (Slovenia) - MetalDays

12.08.2021 Jaromer (Czech Republic) - Brutal Assault

13.08.2021 Schlotheim (Germany) - Party.San Open Air

28.08.2021 Wörrstadt (Germany) - Neuborn Open Air

04.09.2021 Copenhagen (Denmark) - Kill-Town Deathfest

10.09.2021 Hüttikon (Switzerland) - Meh Suff Fest

16.10.2021 London (UK) - Sublime Terror Fest

20.11.2021 Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium) - Mass Deathruction