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BLOOD OF THE SUN - Albumstream zum Tourstart!

BLOOD OF THE SUN streamen zuur Feier ihres Tourstarts am 10.10.2018 ihr komplettes Album "Blood's Thicker Than Love" (VÖ 19.10.18 via Listenable records/Edel). 





10.10. GER - Bonn, Harmonie, WDR Rockpalast Crossroads TV Show * 
11.10. GER - Dortmund, Junkyard * 
14.10. GER - Münster, Rare Guitar, solo show 
16.10. GER - Berlin, SO36 ** 
17.10. GER - Osnabrück, Bastard Club, solo show 
18.10. GER - Munich, Backstage* 

 Über Band und Album:

Drawing influences from Deep Purple, Mountain, Humble Pie, Ted Nugent, Led Zeppelin and probably 50 other bands. BLOOD OF THE SUN have been delivering super catchy hard rock over the course of their 4 albums , churning out upbeat 70s radio hits with so much ease and conviction.

Admittedly retro sounding but with such determination and an enthusiasm, BLOOD OF THE SUN have forged an identifiable sound making their influences an original and integral part of their signature sound . 

Founded by Henry Vasquez (drums - SAINT VITUS) and Dave Grader (keys) The pair has previously joined forces with a number of players – including Derek St. Holmes from Ted Nugent’s band.

The band is now back stronger than ever with  Sean Vargas (vocals) who came in shortly after their previous album  'Burning on the Wings of Desire' and it was a natural fit thanks to his high register wail and just enough grit. Wyatt Burton and Alex Johnson (both guitars) came into the picture around the beginning of 2018, and have added some new but apt elements to the bands sound. These three players have rounded out the lineup of the bands core, being Dave Gryder on keys, Henry Vasquez on drums, and Roger “Kip” Yma on bass.  

The brand new album  ‘Blood ’s thicker than Love’ writing process began around the beginning of 2018 with the exception of the track 'Keep the Lemmy's Coming'. That song was mostly put together by then but it went through some tweaking and fine tuning when guitar players Wyatt Burton and Alex Johnson joined the band. The songs for this record really got started once they joined as Henry Vasquez comments : « We got in the jam room and everything just clicked, it was pretty smooth sailing after that, minus the Texas heat !"

He continues : «  We began tracking the album early July, we recorded at The Lair in Arlington, TX with our guitar player Alex Johnson handling the engineering. We took a straightforward approach, we just got in and laid down our tracks and tried to make a killer hard rock record our way. Alex did an excellent job, not to mention the usual superb mixing and mastering by Tony Reed (Mos Generator, Stone Axe)."

The new album ‘Blood ’s thicker than Love’ debut track particularly stands out for its title as band founder Henry Vasquez explains : ''Keep the Lemmy's Coming' was written right after Lemmy passed, the lyrics just came right away. Everyone was talking about how Jack and Coke's were going to be called Lemmy's and we thought that a was killer way to pay tribute to him. He's an absolute legend and a huge influence, especially on our guitar players Wyatt and Alex. Once they joined, they put their own spin on what was there and we came out with what we think is a great homage to the man, myth, and legend of Lemmy. The song is about living in the moment and going all out, there are times when its necessary to go off the deep end and this song is the soundtrack for a time like that, also a killer driving song!"

'Burning on the wings of Desire' was more influenced by Southern rock, driven by the initial influences of the band like Bloodrock, Cactus, Mountain, Deep Purple, et cetera. ‘Blood ’s thicker than Love’ is definitely still informed by those influences, but mixed with the crossover of hard rock into the new wave of british heavy metal namely Motorhead, Riot, early Judas Priest, and Thin Lizzy.



1  Keep The Lemmys Comin'    05:47
2  My Time       05:59
3  Livin' For The Night  08:32
4  Air Rises As You Drown       08:20
5  Staned Glass Window          06:02
6  Blood Of The Road   06:35


Dave Gryder Keys
Wyatt Burton Guitar
Alex Johnson guitar vocals
Sean Vargas vocals
Henry Vasquez Drums vocals


Blood of the sun ( 2004)
In blood we rock ( 2007)
Death Ride ( 2008)
Burning on the wings of desire ( Listenable - 2012) ‘Blood ’s thicker than Love’ (Listenable - 2018)