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Prog metallers DEADNATE unleash modern metal ballad and video from first part of forthcoming album

Danish progressive metallers DEADNATE recently announced their new EP ‘The North Sea Pt. I’ in November which is set for a November 5th release. The EP is the first part of the band’s debut album ‘The North Sea’, where the second half and thereby the whole albuml will be released in the spring of 2022. Until now, the band has release the two singles ‘The North Sea’ and ‘Downhearted’, and today the album’s third single, the six minute long ‘Winter’ is unleashed alonside a studie video shot during the album recordings.

Drummer and producer Ole Frank on ‘Winter’:
'Winter' is a modern metal ballad where the lyric deals with how we take the most vital elements like our sun for granted. You can walk around in the unending winter without knowing, and until something powerful pulls you out, you cannot appreciate those seemingly mundane elements of life. In the entity of the record you could see 'Winter' as the calm ocean at night before dawn breaks. The video displays our pure emotions from the recording session in the simplest way possible. 

‘The North Sea Pt. I’ is produced, mixed and mastered by Ole Frank, carries artwork by Simon Kofoed and will be released digitally through the band’s own imprint DeadRecords on November 5th 2021. DEADNATE will perform with heathen heavy rockers Bersærk in Kolding, DK on October 9th, while the band will announce more shows in the time to come.

Also, watch DEADNATE’s video til for the new single ‘Downhearted’

 And watch DEADNATEs video for their new single ‘The North Sea’


In 2018, Deadnate released their debut EP ‘Concrete Flood’ to a positive reception on the Danish scene and subsequently a string of local shows and festival performances followed alongside acts such as Baest, Bersærk, Møl and Eyehategod. Thus strengthened as a band and many experiences richer, the band began writing new material in 2019, which they recorded in the course of 2020 with drummer Ole Frank as producer and Andreas Linnemann (Baest a.o.) as a technician.

Now, DEADNATE is ready to release the first part of their forthcoming debut album ‘The North Sea’ entitled ‘The North Sea Pt. I’, which consists if five out of 10 recorded album songs. The EP showcases DEADNATE as a unique, progressive metal band redeeming their potential in a diverse, focused songwriting supported by the band’s two differing vocalists. The arrangements include a wide range of musical techniques from falsetto singing to blast beats, always consciously applied and brilliantly executed with the good of the song in focus.

The band’s lyrics are to be compared to a meaningful painting filled with symbolics, where the text is the means to explain the details of the piece. On ‘The North Sea’, the virtuoistic quartet examines mankind’s relations internally and to nature within a songwriting brimming with feeling, imagination and vision.

DEADNATE Live 2021
09.10.21 - Godset, Kolding (DK) m. Bersærk

‘The North Sea Pt. I’ track list
1. Aurora
2. Downhearted
3. The North Sea
4. Winter
5. Northern Lights

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