Exklusiv: SÜHNOPFER streamen neues Album "Hic Regnant Borbonii Manes"

Am 10. Mai diesen Jahres werden Debemur Morti das neue und dritte SÜHNOPFER-Album namens "Hic Regnant Borbonii Manes" auf die Welt loslassen, auf welchem sich sieben Tracks finden. SÜHNOPFER ist das Projekt von Ardraos, Schlossbesitzer und unter anderem Musiker bei Aorlhac, der fünf Jahre nach "Offertoire" eine schwarzmetallische Langrille veröffentlicht, die nicht nur vom klassischem Black Metal, sondern auch von mittelalterlichen Klängen inspiriert ist.

Wir dürfen Euch nun exklusiv das Album als Stream präsentieren!

Auf dem Album finden sich folgende Songs:

1. Invito Funere
2. Pénitences Et Sorcelages
3. Hic Regnant Borbonii Manes
4. La Chasse Gayère
5. Je Vivroie Liement
6. Dilaceratio Corporis
7. L’Hoirie De Mes Ancestres

Wer sich das Album gleich mal holen will, der kann es sich hier vorbestellen!

Außerdem haben wir mit dem Mastermind ein kurzres Interview geführt, in welcher er uns unter anderem über seinen Zugang zum Streaming aufklärt - lest selbst!

Your third album “Hic Regnant Borbonii Manes” will be streamed exclusively in Germany via Legacy (www.legacy.de) and, of course, in accordance with your label Debemur Morti. What do you think about the streaming of music in the 21st century? Is it helpful in order to spread your music? Or does it hurt you more? And do you personally stream a lot of music online?

I don't really have any problem with music streaming nowadays, it's a technological means at our disposal to broadcast our songs to the greatest number of people, of course if there's a fair consideration for the artist in return. I'm part of a generation that lived through different technological changes, I started listening and playing music on tapes at a time internet did not exist, so I'm always nostalgic for musical's “physical” support and I don't personally use online streaming, but every generation has its way of apprehending things.

Metastazis is once again responsible for the cover-artwork of your new album (as he was concerning “Offertoire”), however, the artwork for “Hic Regnant Borbonii Manes” looks much more “modern” than the one of “Offertoire”. Is there a specific reason for the change of style concerning your artwork? And do I see it correctly that the LP-version features a different artwork than the CD-version?

Yes, Valnoir from Metastazis worked on the artwork of this album, as on the previous one "Offertoire". I do not request a work on the artwork until all the songs are finished and recorded, then it must really sticks with the themes and atmospheres of the album. I spoke with Valnoir about what this album meant for me, what it was invoking, and then he found this idea of ​a castle coming out from the ground as regurgitated by huge jaws. This concept perfectly matches the atmosphere I wanted to create with this album. We have also chosen a different picture for the LP version to bring some diversity, with an home-made photography that I wanted to be part of the artwork. The limited LP and CD versions will also have a special slipcase.

Debemur Morti mentions the name Dissection in order to describe the music on “Hic Regnant Borbonii Manes”, but I am a bit at a loss when searching and listening for Nödtveidt-riffs on your album. Do you personally have the feeling that your music is heavily inspired by his riffing and music?

Some people may notice this “Scandinavian” aspect of Sühnopfer in the way of harmonizing some riffs, since as you know it, I’ve been rather influenced by Sacramentum, Dissection or Setherial at Sühnopfer's beginnings (when you get started in black metal, you’re obviously influenced by some bands you listen to) because these bands, which particularly knew how to combine a technique of very melodic composition with some rather obscure and violent depths, were also appealing to a certain nobility in the tones of the riffs ; however I think these influences were taken up by the personal and local facet of my music. Finally, I believe that Sühnopfer obviously follows his own path for some years now.

As far as I know you yourself have bought an old medieval mansion in France and have renovated it in order to be able to live in it. What fascinates you so much about these older days that it influences both your art and your very personal life?

Indeed, there are many different elements, places and landscapes around me that can be sources of inspiration. I am very attached to my “terroir” that I have traveled up and down for its sites and castles for examples, but also in my readings to understand its history and its legends. I simply try, at my humble level, to restore a part of it in the atmosphere of my songs, some of which speak of particular places or local legends, and especially to live in coherence with the conservation of this heritage : as soon as I was able to invest some money in a house, I immediately sought something very old to restore (research that directed me to an old religious house which holds its origins from the twelfth century, and who gives me a lot of work!), to be able to live in a place which carries inside the history of this country, and continue to keep the countryside of this old province alive.

If a metalhead really wants to support your art and SÜHNOPFER in the most direct way, what can he or she do? Buy directly from your label? Order directly merchandise from you, et cetera? What is most helpful?

Well all ways are available. Of course the most direct way is to buy items I'll have on my personal but very limited stock, mostly if you want a special signature on it. But you can support both band & label by buying directly on Debemur Morti's website and also on Bandcamp, it's also fine because a part of profits will be donated to the band. And above all, music is simply a matter of passion for me, not a cash-maker which most of times pulls down artistic creativity.