Exklusiv: Mechanical God Creation “The New Chapter”

Mechanical God Creation veröffentlichen ihr neues Album "The New Chapter" am 29.03.2019 via The Goatmancer Records - wir freuen uns, euch die komplette Scheibe schon heute im exklusiven Stream vorzustellen!


  1. The New Chapter
  2. I Am the Godless Man
  3. Till the Sun Is No Longer Black
  4. Walking Dead
  5. Before the Dawn (pt.I)
  6. Overlord (pt.II)
  7. What Remains (pt. III)
  8. Black Faith
  9. Dark Echoes
  10. Bow to Death
  11. Warface
  12. Red Blood on White Snow

Formed in 2006, MECHANICAL GOD CREATION during these years supported Behemoth in Saint Petersburg, Septicflesh in Saint Petersburg and Moscow, they played at Metalhead Meeting Festival in Bucarest with Kreator, Dragonforce, Rotting Christ and many more, in Malta at the Voices of the Succubi festival with Cadaveria, in London at Titan Fest with Onslaught, at Garasje Festival in Reinsvoll (Norway).