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Monday, 07 January 2013 08:58

Exklusive Song-Premiere

Die Melodic Death-Metaller NIGHTFALL präsentieren den Legacy-Lesern weltexklusiv den ersten Track 'Colonize Cultures' ihres neuesten Werks "Cassiopeia", das ab dem 18.01.2013 via Metal Blade in den Handel kommt.

Viel Spaß!

Die Rezi aus #082 wollen wir Euch an dieser Stelle ebenfalls nicht vorenthalten:

Nightfall - Cassiopeia NIGHTFALL "Cassiopeia"
(Metal Blade/Sony)

Auf breiter Ebene vermochte man von der Rückkehr NIGHTFALLs kaum Notiz zu nehmen. Denn wenngleich das letzte Werk "Astron Black And The Thirty Tyrants" vor zwei Jahren bei einer solch renommierten Plattenfirma wie Metal Blade erschien, ging das Album etwas unter. Dies soll sich nun mit "Cassiopeia" ändern: Zu wünschen wäre dies, zumal sich die Griechen auf ihrer neuen Scheibe auf ihre alten Stärken während der seligen Holy Records-Zeiten zurückbesinnen. "Parade Into Centuries", "Athenian Echoes", "Macabre Sunsets" oder das vergleichsweise eingängige, straightere "Lesbian Show" waren dereinst starke Veröffentlichungen irgendwo im Dunstkreis von melodischem Death-, Gothic- und Dark Metal. Selbst wenn Pioniere wie Zemial vehement verneinen, dass ein "griechischer Stil" in der düsteren Edelstahlecke existiert, atmeten auch die Veröffentlichungen NIGHTFALLs seit jeher jene unvergleichliche Aura, welche ebenfalls die Musik von solch unterschiedlichen Formationen wie Rotting Christ, Varathron, Septic Flesh, Necromantia und eben Zemial auszeichnete. Dabei standen die Athener seit jeher eher im Schatten der vorgenannten Gruppen. Auf "Cassiopeia" hat man sich einmal mehr einer düster-aggressiven, eingängigen Art Musik verschrieben, so wie man das von NIGHTFALL auch gewohnt ist. Die Griechen haben mittlerweile ihren ureigenen Stil gefunden und brillieren auch auf Album Nummer neun mit elf Songs, die irgendwo inmitten des oben erwähnten Spektrums operieren. Dabei kommen sowohl epischere, ausufernde Stücke wie das abschließende 'Astropolis' als auch einprägsame Hits wie beispielsweise 'The Reptile Gods' heraus. Rein textlich gesehen, beschäftigt man sich natürlich mit der eigenen geschichtlichen Vergangenheit, nicht ohne allerdings auch einen Blick über den Tellerrand zu wagen: Ein Songtitel wie 'Takhenaton, The 9th Pharaoh Of The 18th Dynasty' spricht da Bände. Sicherlich ist "Cassiopeia" letzten Endes kein sonderlich revolutionäres Album. Wohl aber festigen NIGHTFALL damit ihren Status als außergewöhnliche Formation, die auch heute noch erstklassiges Genrefutter zu erschaffen imstande ist. (CW)

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Hier gehts direkt zur offiziellen "Cassiopeia"-Infoseite.

Saturday, 15 December 2012 15:20

UNANTASTBAR 'Hoch das Glas' Videopremiere



Friday, 16 November 2012 00:14

Exklusiver Albumstream: WALLACHIA "Shunya"

Die Melancholic Black-Metaller WALLACHIA präsentieren den Legacy-Lesern weltexklusiv ihr neuestes Werk "Shunya". Doch damit nicht genug - die Truppe hat Linernotes zu den einzelnen Tracks verfasst, um Euch die Intention hinter den jeweiligen Songs näher zu erläutern.

Viel Spaß!

01. Dual Nothingness 02. Gloria in Excelsis Ego
The album kicks off straight into a blasting part. It was a conscious choice to pick this one as the first track, as with the placement of the other songs being carefully chosen also. This song perfectly blends the melancholic and atmospheric sound from the debut and mixes them with the more spacey textures from the 2nd opus. And it further shows that Wallachia uses a lot more guitar melodies and harmonies now to enhance the songs in a more dynamic and organic way. Lyrically it deals with being in the state of loss, abandonment and grief, and how suddenly your whole (emotional) life takes an u-turn and you are left with nothing but unanswered questions. It's based on personal experiences and a very difficult part of my life. And as the title of the album "Shunya" also means "empty/void", I think that this song is strongly related to this meaning and thus it's also a natural opener of the album.
Another song that kicks right into a fast part and also a very guitar-based song. I thought of this one as the most primal song on the album, but during the recording we developed it into a bit more eclectic way with the vocals, choirs, samples and spacey keyboards. And that is partly due to Stefan's influence and contribution with the additional elements. It's a ferocious song, in my opinion, since the lyrics are a reaction towards what I would say is a degeneration of the human spirit. The cynical nature of mankind who has this urge to compete and prove themselves better than the other, even in a spiritual and philosophical sense. People who finds satisfaction in others' misery and failures, and appear "perfect" in their state of apathy. This goes a lot for what I've seen on music forums and in general with comments on internet sites. What it takes years and years of creating, even just in the thought process, it can only take the matter of a few seconds for someone else to tear it down. It's the level of arrogance and ignorance that provoked me and made me write this song.
03. Ksatriya 04. Enlightened by Deception

Here we go from two rather fast paced songs and into the slowest and heaviest one. "Ksatriya" is almost like a doomy ballad song with its massive first half and then sliding into a clean guitar part with also clean sung/spoken vocals. And it's also the first song where the listener is introduced to the inclusion of cello, violin and viola. The word "Ksatriya" directly translates from ancient Hindu language as "warrior" and it has a symbolic meaning for the loss of love and learning to live with a void that can never again be filled nor replaced.

And from the melancholic sounds of Ksatriya we go straight into the most savage song on the album. I have a lot of death metal music in my blood and here some of that influence becomes evident. It's not only the most savage song, but also the most eclectic one, I would say. From the blasting and double bass parts in the beginning, it goes over in a more traditional epic style an have some of those trademark catchy Wallachia riffs and hooks towards the end.
It's a song that deals with betrayal experienced from a victim's point of view, and how it's the same to hide and to avoid telling the truth just the same as being told lies. It's a cynical world we live in, and I continue to be surprised by some people's total lack of conscience. How they use, abuse and cheat for their own benefit. So it's my way of saying that you are free to misuse my trust, love and respect, but then it will only be a one-time happening.
05. Hypotheist 06. Nostalgia among the Ruins of Common Sense

This song dates back as far as to 2001 actually, and as I had all the songs ready for the 2nd album, I knew that I would keep this one for the next. It's the most epic song on the album and it has some slight folk influences which was further emphasized with the use of violin and cello. It has that mid-tempo drive and groove that has always been a part of Wallachia's sound. The word "Hypotheist" combines the meaning of "hypocrisy", "hypothesis" and "theism" (the belief in God). Lyrically it deals with people who misuse faith as a tool to promote and stimulate their own ego, benefiting from the already poor meanwhile they live a glamorous life that is financed by their charade. It's inspired by personal encounters and observations of such people.

And this is the other song that also have a slight folk touch with the violin and cello parts. It has a nice flow all the way through and a quite simple structure that reminds me a lot of the old demo material, One can spot some of my early musical influences in all of my songs, and with this song there's a certain epic Bathory aura to it.
The lyrics are dealing with displacement and being overwhelmed with the rapid technological evolution that are more and more replacing our spiritual awareness, and how the modern society grows more distant towards real interaction, handcrafted work, the appreciation of mother nature and the simple and good things in life.
It's a song about nostalgia from my childhood and how the world seemed so big and far away, how you were in your own little bubble and had no real worries. I think that many regard the world as being a better place back when they were younger, and to some extent I think that is true with how the world is developing, yet I also think it's just as much because we become more aware of the "system" we're a part of.
07. Harbinger of Vacuumanity 08. Emotional Ground Zero

Lyrically this song is related to "Nostalgia..." and how the world is evolving and changing in an equal rapid way as with the increasing population, how we humans exploit and strangle the planet in slow motion. And how we actually have to lose something in order to appreciate what we have (had).
The first half of the song is very straight to the point, fast and aggressive, and then it blends over into a symphonic intersection and ending. It's a very massive and dynamic song, and in particular I like how the symphonic intersection kicks in.

The grand finale. It's a very personal song filled with the sadness and melancholy that stayed with me ever since I was a little child and with the difficult split up of my family and with the time that followed. What you experience as a child will forever shape your personality, and I experienced the shock of going from an, apparently, normal, safe and happy family, then to see all of that lost within the flash of a moment. As a lone child, experiencing losing my father, who was my hero, then to also lose my childhood home and move to a desolate countryside place - it was not easy to handle. And it was in those years I grew extra passionate and involved in music, as it became my refuge, my safety and comfort. And as time passes you see things in a new light, that some times the worst things we experience can also be for the better in the end. It just takes a lot of time and patience in order to accept the fate. It's an important song for me, and the music reflects the essence of the lyrics in a good way. And the string orchestra elements really lifted it up to another level.

Wieder eine schöne Premiere - diesmal spendieren wir Euch das komplette neue STATE RADIO-Album "Rabbit Inn Rebellion" inklusive dem dazugehörigen Videoclip.

Das Album ist seit dem 23.10.2012 offiziell via Nettwerk Music Group erhältlich.

Alle Infos zu Band, Album und Live-Dates findet Ihr unter www.stateradio.com

 01. H.A.C.K.I.N. (Yeah Man)
  02. Freckled Mary
03. Roadway Broken
  04. Big Man
05. Take Cover
  06. Adelaide
07. Desert Queen
  08. Sugarbeet Wine
09. The Bridge Is Burning

10. State Of Georgia

11. Black Welsh Mountain

Thursday, 20 September 2012 12:22

Creae.Use.Shatter - Exklusiver EP-Stream

01. Tide:

02. Treasurer of the Heartless:

03. Drowning a Snapshot:

04. Independence Day after Tomorrow:

05. Answering Alexandria:

06. Mine is the Branch:


Wednesday, 08 August 2012 17:00

WILDE JUNGS - exklusive Video-Premiere


Wednesday, 18 July 2012 17:00

NITROGODS "Black Car Driving Man"

Written by


Tuesday, 17 July 2012 08:12

THE ATMOSFEAR "Piece Of Planet"


Tuesday, 17 July 2012 08:12



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