Exklusiv: SUN OF THE SLEEPLESS streamen neues Album

Am 21. Juli wird das Schwarzwurzel-Solo-Projekt von Ulf Theodor Schwadorf, genau: SUN OF THE SLEEPLESS, das Debütalbum "To The Elements" via Prophecy Productions veröffentlichen. Fans düsterer Musik wissen, dass SUN OF THE SLEEPLESS bereits in den späten 90ern und frühen 2000ern aktiv waren und einige MCDs produziert haben, es jedoch nie zu einem vollständigen Album gekommen ist.

Um Euch auf die Veröffentlichung der Scheibe einzustimmen, dürfen wir Euch nun exklusiv den Albumstream präsentieren! Wer von der Qualität überzeugt ist, der klicke hier, um die Langrille vorzubestellen.

Und Schwadorf hat zu seinem Album natürlich auch noch etwas zu sagen:

"To The Elements" is a return to the sound and style of music that was the reason why I formed SUN OF THE SLEEPLESS back in the 90s. When Empyrium became more and more calm and acoustic guitar driven I wanted to pay tribute to early to mid 90s Black Metal music that inspired me so much.

Now, almost twenty years later I see myself returning to this style again. I don't want this to be a retro album though. I think the album not only showcases these early influences but also what inspired me furthermore in the last almost twenty years. It's an album of 2017 but with the soul of 1995.

"To The Elements" is a hymn to nature and to ways of discovering your true self. The principle of "as above so below" is key to the lyrics. Watch the outside to learn about the inside. It's simple but so true. It is very spiritual in a way and no it's not occult and no it's definitely not post-anything-music. It's simply me coming back home to the music I started playing in 1993 that will always remain the core of my musical education and inspiration.

The album was finally composed in just three weeks and recorded at the same time. It feels very true to myself and vividly echoes who I am as a person and artist. It's resonating with me unlike anything else I've done in a long time and I am very proud of having achieved this album completely by myself. Everything on this album and I mean every-fucking-thing has been done 100% by me. From the first riff written to the mastering. This is as true to a single persons vision as you can get.

Hier noch die vollständige Trackliste:
01. The Burden
02. Motions
03. The Owl
04. Where In My Childhood Lived A Witch
05. Forest Crown
06. The Realm Of The Bark
07. Phoenix Rise

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